Thursday, August 5, 2021

 Dedicated to The Wives Of Those In Biafran Struggle: Open Letter To My Wife

My Queen, my life, my love, my wife, I am writing this open letter to let you know that I love you and to let you know that I appreciate how you take care of our kids even though I don't say it and I know you have watched me consumed by the Biafran struggle, right from the day the street fighting judge called some people Biafra boys you have noticed a change in me, you have seen me focused with no time for anything else, not even food or sleep but Biafra you have seen me writing articles every day and listening to Nnamdi Kanu on Radio Biafra while I laugh out loud at efulefus and get angry at the Fulanis and you have seen me listen to koiki media late-night broadcast and even though you tell me to go to bed because I have work in the morning I refuse and listen to all koiki have to say because he is a man I respect. in fact you jokingly call me Nnamdi Kanu because you know how much I respect the man.

I want to let you know the reason why we want Biafra and the reason why we want freedom and it is simply because we are hated in Nigeria and like the Jews of Israel, we need a country where we can be free and a country where we can proudly raise our Biafran flag and a country that we can be proud of, they have killed us since the year 1966 30,000 of us in the North and again they killed 5million of us during the genocidal war and I want you to know that this fight is for our children so they can have a place called home so they won't go through what we are going through today. just yesterday Fulanis killed 8 people in my home state of Enugu.

I just want you to be calm and pray for us like you always do and do not worry we are doing the right thing by fighting for freedom and we shall achieve freedom and I am only contributing my own part in the struggle as I continue to fight, write and agitate for Biafra our homeland and I know all our fight and struggle shall never be in vain and in the end Biafra must be free because it is Biafra or death and no going back, some have died and some are in jail and I am ready to pay the price for Biafran freedom and If I fall during this struggle always remember to tell our kids what I stood for and what Biafra is all about and always teach them to stand up for what is right. We shall get to our promise land and that is Biafra.ISEE...From Biafra With Love

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