Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 Did Fulanis Use Adaka Boro As A Distraction To Plan The CounterCoup

I was thinking about it now and if only Ijaws didn't throw accusations at Igbos saying ojukwu killed boro and all manner of nonsense and I wrote about it here how Ijaw elders brainwash their youths to make Igbos look like the enemy.

Just look at my own opinion, after carefully analyzing the situation

First coup 15 January 1966

Ironsi takes over 17 January 1966

Issac Boro's insurrection against an Igbo head of state. 22 February 1966

Fulanis killed the Igbo head of state on 29 July 1966

As a deep thinker i think Fulanis used adaka boro to distract ironsi and they supplied boro with money and arms while they planned the counter-coup, it takes months or even years to plan a coup and this was why they used boro to channel the army resources to the creeks and then waited for ironsi at Ibadan.

To prove my point after they killed ironsi, Gowon released boro and they made him a major in the army and used him to kill Biafrans and after that Fulanis killed him and they planted a fake story saying he died under mysterious circumstances, lies, we all know Fulanis used Col Adekunle to kill him

I started digging deep about boro and Ijaws after I saw an article on Facebook saying ojukwu killed boro and he stopped Boros Republic all lies boro never wanted any Republic, he was used and killed by the Fulanis like they always do, and here is a question, Igbos have not been in power for over 55yrs after they kill ironsi, so now what is stopping Ijaws from asking for the Ijaw Republic? Because the Niger delta Republic is dead

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