Tuesday, August 10, 2021

 Fulani killings : Do You Think We Can Come Back From This

The civil war happened and we managed to somehow move on but the Fulanis with their greed and nepotism gave birth to this renewed agitation if they had done the right thing after the war we won't be asking for Biafra, but with impunity, they use nepotism as a weapon, how do you explain not building any seaports or airport in the southeast for over 50yrs?

Do you really think we can go back and become one Nigeria after this or maybe you think that after the 2023 election if we would even have a country called Nigeria before then, like in 2023 Nigeria would magically get better and we would forget about the people that the Fulanis have killed, in the Internet age? I don't think so we can't come back from this stop pretending, Yoruba say we no fit go court and then come back and become friends

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