Thursday, August 5, 2021

 Fulani killings: Southerners Form Your Own Militia

Are we in the south cowards? We need to form a strong militia to face these Fulani killers, I will gladly join such militia to push the Fulanis out of the south and this militia should be funded by the people so that there would be accountability.

I am from Enugu state and Fulanis have been killing us since 2016, are we going to sit down like this and do nothing?so if your family was one of those killed in Enugu, won't you talk about joining or even forming your own militia? we black are greedy because it is not happening to us so we are turning a blind eye.

Shia militia pushed ISIS away from Iraq, so what are we waiting for, are you waiting for when you turn into Afghanistan? Do you think the North would not have formed a militia if it was southerners killing them?

We need a rugged and a guerilla kind of militia to face these Fulani killers and ty danjuma said it the army is working with Fulani killers and if you are waiting for the army you will all die,ESN cant do it alone

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