Saturday, August 7, 2021

 Fulani Killings:I Salute  The Men That Set Up ESN

Kanu is a genius I give it to him and the people that he worked with to set up ESN. I know that he is not perfect and I criticize him if I need to, look for every action there is a reaction and this is the problem with the black man, they blame Nnamdi Kanu for setting up ESN to protect his people, but they forget one thing it was the marauders from the Sahel that started killing our mother's, brothers and sisters, oh you want Kanu to wait until we turn into Benue, you see them all shouting and speaking English online but can't even protect their own people

I salute the people that worked with Kanu to set up ESN, they are highly disciplined, these ones are not militants these are freedom fighters and this is a liberation movement, just look at what happened in my home state Enugu a few days ago, they killed my people and no governor is doing anything and you blame Kanu for setting ESN, chineke kpo gi oku, Ogun deal with you there, I won't be politically correct at all this is genocide and the world is doing nothing.

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