Monday, August 16, 2021

  • August 16, 2021
  • Chris Obiagu

 Historic Day: PIB Bill What's Next  For The Niger Delta

Today is a historic day for all of us in the Niger delta and yes Igbo states are a part of the Niger delta, forget all that nonsense the war criminal Gowon did. 

The UN is telling us to stop Using Fossil Fuels 

Buhari just approved 3%for the Niger Delta Region and the North gets over 30%

Look at your neighbor in the Niger delta and ask him or her, what is next for us in Nigeria? don't get carried away by insulting Nnamdi Kanu while the Fulanis are stealing our money,3%?really, we are cowards in the south,Tueh ! Fulanis just bullied us. yes it is bullying because Fulanis can't take what are doing to us, see how Buhari and Atiku reacted to the Jos killings because Fulanis died

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