Monday, August 9, 2021

How Politics Divided The 2 Greatest Tribes Of  Africa,

First I would say, why did we allow this to happen? Men and Greed for power, I was listening to Phyno and Olamide.father father song, and that song was a master piece from the 2 greatest tribes in Africa, show me Igbo/Fulani collabo way sweet like dat, or yoruba and fulani collabo,igbos and yorubas are one,what went wrong?listen to the song it is the best of both worlds, we click,we deserve seperate countries,these people are killing our talents,imagine what we can do without getting the Fulanis permission?men, i am tired,i dont know about you but i am done with this slavery.I am just saying the truth for how long do we need to wait? we waited for over 50yrs already? how many more years do you need?

 imagine how much ondo state can make from cannabis tourism? billions, oh please una oga America it is legal in almost all their states and they make billions of dollars, same white men that told you it was bad, wake up, imagine what we can do with crypto? in fact we go day competition, both countries would grow faster no Fulani to tell us what to do, even Yoruba  Muslims no carry religion for head like the ones up north, at least a Yoruba imam can leader prayers in  Yoruba nation, I have many of them as friends.

how did these people from mali manage to turn us against each other,damn igbos and yorubas are fools,i am glad that our eyes are open now,no going back we must be free from this slavery,igbos, and yorubas are brothers from another mother,we have broken the Fulani voodoo,didn't you see how they were crying about the historic meeting at going back

who would have thought that Igbos and Yoruba would be working together today? we are going to overcome the little independence struggle,awo was right when he said igbos and yorubas will work together

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