Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 I Nominate These 2 Ladies For The Post Ipob Coordinator In Their Zone

I don't know these 2 ladies before but I came across them on Facebook and I love the zeal and passion they have for Biafra and they are not from the mainland Biafran States, I think they are both from delta, I am from Enugu state 

I support an all Igbo Biafra but if ipob wants to include some other tribes then there should be equality, ipob should not be about Igbos alone, the reason why I want an all Igbo Biafra is because of the insults we Igbos are getting from some tribes, but if we have a Biafra including esan and Urhobo then everyone must be equal in Biafra and I wrote here saying if you are found guilty of nepotism you would spend 10yrs in prison 

And I believe in equality for all  and I wrote about it here telling you about  my dreams for Biafra, so I support women rights 

If those ladies are in the same country then they should be given a different post but one of them must be a Coordinator of ipob because I believe they deserve it and ipob should give post based on merit

So my people do you agree with me that both ladies should be given posts in ipob?

If they are in the same country one should be a coordinator and one should be given another post, please type yes below if you want them to be given a good post in ipob

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