Saturday, August 14, 2021

 I See The Nigerian Army Deploying To The South Soon

I am not a  Prophet I am just a strategist and if I was Buhari that is what I would do, they released el zarzaky, they settled Shias, no more noise or protest from the Shias

Bokoharam commanders laying down their arms

The Nigerian army would soon announce an operation that they would soon deploy to the southeast to mop up hoodlums, they won't mention Ipob or Esn

Fulanis are not ready to restructure or break up Nigeria they are going to keep Nigeria by force and Britain is in support but they would back out as soon as a lot of people starts  dying

Fulanis would come just like Kanu always say and I am sad that Kanu is not leading this current battle and they would come and soon just like Kanu predicted, Mark my word they would come 

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