Sunday, August 15, 2021

 Indigenous People Of Biafra: Nnamdi kanu Is A Genius

I was just thinking of it now, it is a strategy I know because I am a strategist as well, if you started by saying you want an only Igbo Biafra you won't get outside and inside support and this is why he used the name indigenous to break away from Nigeria, and then everyone can go their separate ways, me I won't run from one forced marriage and join another one, I still prefer an all Igbo Biafra with 5 states and yes we would get our land back from rivers state that was criminally carved into rivers by the war criminal Gowon, we would sue them abroad, not a criminal Nigerian court, but if indigenous tribes want to join us in Biafra why not they can and everyone would enjoy equal rights, but we won't force anyone please, I don't want another forced marriage

Nnamdi Kanu managed to win many people from indigenous lands like the  esan people and the Urhobo people everybody is tired of Nigeria we all want freedom from this zoo and we must be free, I am done with Nigeria, if you are indigenous to the land of Biafra then you are IPOB, he was able to capture all under one umbrella,

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