Tuesday, August 10, 2021

IPOB: When You Create Something Unstoppable

I was thinking about this now Nnamdi Kanu and his friends created something bigger than all of them, 1967 is motivation and Biafra land is the destination, I always say it Biafra is bigger than Ojukwu and Kanu put together, how do I explain this, this Biafran agitation now is like an avalanche Falling from the mountains, clear or you be cleared, just look at the saga between Kanuta and we the people, the people won and this is to show that this train can not be derailed, this agitation would lead to Biafran freedom.

 I don't see us coming back from this and become friends with the Fulanis again like nothing happened, would people forget python dance easily, the war criminal even mocked Igbos with the name of his operation, we all know python swallows things up, so the war criminal Magu already declared war against people carrying flags

The only thing that can stop this agitation is for the UN to accept Biafra into the UN and let all countries of the world recognize us as a new country because at this point even an Igbo presidency won't stop this agitation, I always say it if you like make Peter obi president we would still ask for Biafra, no going back

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