Wednesday, August 11, 2021

 My Take On No  Election In Anambra State

First, what would be the benefit of election in Anambra state? Would it bring or give us Biafra? Look at the pictures from Igbo land it looks like a zoo, these people that you have elected for years have done nothing but steal, Biafra would reset everything

If the people say no election in Igbo land or Anambra then I support it, who am I to go against the people and remember the majority of the people are ipob so I think we would win, the majority would win, but if the people say they want an election and they are the majority then so be it we would have an election

I believe we should start this madness from somewhere and if you ask me I believe we should scatter it all, let Buhari send the military and let the games begin we would go ambazonia on their head and cut oil the supply of oil and gas and then the UN would intervene and Biafra would come, no more 4yrs of scam, Fulani can impose another like hopeless of imo state if you have an election

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