Sunday, August 8, 2021

 Nigeria Kills The Brains Of Our kids

I won't even type too much, imagine a country where you don't have 24/7 electricity, data is expensive, your kids can't watch stuff for kids on YouTube and I don't mean cartoons, educative stuff, trust me they help, you would be surprised when your kids are telling you about planet Mars and everything about it. This is why kids in countries with cheap Internet and electricity have access to a lot, by 7 they can develop apps and do lots of stuff

The Nigerian system destroys the kids, only the rich have access, in Nigeria, the poor are more, few people are the ones stealing the wealth of the country

Electricity is life and you won't understand as a Nigerian unless you have lived outside Nigeria before then you would understand that it is a big deal and this is my only point, if you can't give me 24/7 electricity after 60yrs then you have failed I can't give you any more additional years we must go our separate ways so our kids can enjoy the basic things of life, they want to build a pipeline from Warri to Algeria and then to Europe but they can't send water to our houses

During the pandemic kids in countries with a good public school system were receiving lectures at home online, can you say the same for the public schools in Nigeria? This is why when some people leave Nigeria they excel, the country kills the people, imagine sleeping in a hot room overnight because you have no light, I swear Nigerians Una Don normalize suffering, electricity is life

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