Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 Nigerian Problem: Britain Should Have Created 2 Countries Instead Of One 

I was thinking of something the white men are not so smart after all, if I was the British I would have created 2 countries because Nigeria is too big to be run by one tribe

They should have created  2 countries from southern and northern Nigeria, in fact, God already perfectly divided it, south and north, they should have created one country name it whatever, and  then create another one for the middle belters and Northerners in one country and Yorubas and the rest of the southeast one country, they goofed, if they did we won't be having this issues now, think about it, even if the North is barren the white men can perform wonders, Switzerland doesn't have oil and gas like southern Nigeria, so the North would still work fine, and south in one country would have been richer than America, shame on Britain

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