Sunday, August 8, 2021

 Nigerians have Normalized Suffering

It is abnormal not to have 24/7 electricity and yes it is a big deal your country has lost a lot of businesses to Ghana because of your epileptic electrical supply so in order words you gave jobs to Ghana.

Sleeping in a hot room overnight is not normal please, imagine how people suffer and I pity those that live in one room in Nigeria, no light and you have to sweat like Christmas chicken overnight, lol,Nigeria cant even make solar cheaper for the people

Buying one small yam for 5k is not normal, Fulanis are killing farmers and nobody is going to their farms

This is the main reason I have for supporting the break up of this geographical expression, if you can't give me electricity after 60yrs then I can't give you any more time, I am done and I want my own country, do you want me to give you another 60yrs? Hell freaking no

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