Sunday, August 8, 2021

 Nnamdi Kanu: As We Begin Biafran Ghost Town Tomorrow

I wrote about it saying the Biafran conflict is going the Ambazonia way and this marks a very important chapter in this biafran war of independence and if you follow the Ambazonia war of independence you would remember how it all started from ghost towns to what we have today and I would tell the people meant to enforce this to make sure the property of our people are not touched, I repeat the businesses and the livelihood of our people must be protected and anyone found stealing or trying to loot would have themselves to be blame we would not tolerate any form of indiscipline

We are freedom fighters and not terrorists and we can't and we would never terrorize our own people, the Fulanis have terrorized us enough already, and everyone's rights must be respected, if you find someone outside talk to him calming to go back inside and do not use any form of force or intimidation, talk to the person and make him see reasons, the people must not be afraid of us because we are fighting this battle for them so they must know that the Fulanis are the enemies and not u, win souls like the Christians do

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