Saturday, August 7, 2021

 Northern Baggage: Look At  A School In Oil And Gas-Rich South East

First, I am a different kind of igbo man,i was born and raised in lagos in the heart of Lagos called Ikeja, I have lived in different  countries on different continents,so your fly over and BRT stations does not move me,i have seen infrastructure and life,so i wont support nonsense if you like come from my home state of enugu,we deserve more in the south east and nigeria,i dont believe in nigeria anymore,look at the billions lagos state is making but corruption wont let the state grow.i wont settle for less,we are rich,greed and nepotism is our problem and in biafra 10yrs in jail if you are found guilty of nepotism

Just look at a school in a region that is rich with oil and large reserves of gas and these thieves are planning to take our gas and send it to Algeria and Europe, just look at  the school in a region that is rich with oil and gas and I saw a school in Bayelsa and when I posted it  they say I was throwing a shade, but me I don't support nonsense, the same way I called out that school in Bayelsa is the same way I am calling this one out and this is where I come from, we must learn to stop supporting corrupt leaders and speak the truth, don't sell your soul for 30k/month

As I said Britain should have created 2 countries, this northern Nigerian baggage is too much for the southeast to carry, I would speak for my own region alone, I say enough of this slavery, for the over 50years you gave us no international airports or seaports, shame on you, we are tired we need to use our oil and gas money for our southeast states alone, same way Zamfara is using Zamfara gold for Zamfara

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