Saturday, August 7, 2021

Ruona Meyer Vs Aloy Chife: All Contracts Need To Be Exposed

All you Igbo men that have joined Nigeria to milk the people dry would be exposed all contracts that you got through nepotism would be exposed and you would be tried and jailed, no statute of limitations for you corrupt fools. nepotism must be illegal in Biafra and 10yrs in prison if you are found guilty

I was reading about the story that was exposed by the journalists Ruona Meyer how an Igbo man Aloy Chife got government contracts through nepotism and how they have made billions

Look I don't support no corrupt Igbo fool and I challenged this same man called Aloy Chife when he was praising Cubana I was surprised that a man with white hair could be encouraging nonsense little did I know that he is a thief, sue me. these people are crooks

I am that Igbo man that won't support nonsense we must get it right in Biafra, these corrupt fools must be tried and jailed and I told you they are responsible for this mess that we are going through, imagine making 1knaira for millions of Nigerians, they are criminals, we must speak out against our corrupt tribe, don't shield anyone.

Don't support a corrupt man because he is Igbo, speak out because na we the poor day suffer, Mr Aloy they lounge for usa with una money.mumu

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