Monday, August 16, 2021

Biafra: Sit At Home What Do You People Want Maka Chukwu

Just look at this otelectual he insulted 69million Igbo people because the 1million left is made up of efulefus and otelectuals and just look at the statement whatever Ipob is fighting for? Really, is this man living on this planet? This was the same man that was accused of getting contracts from the government, I think it is called nepotism, go and read about it and he was involved with Abba Moro

Ok efulefus and otelectuals and I am not a member of ipob before you start ranting like a dog with rabies.

What do you want... 

We protested with flags you said no and killed us

We started a security outfit to protect our people something that is your responsibility and you failed and when we did that you still said no and you killed us and in fact you are still killing us

Ok, you arrested our leader and we say OK we would sit in our houses on Mondays to support him and you still say no. Haha, they swear for you? How dare you tell us what to do? 

Ok now tell us what do you want us to do? You want us to turn into the Taliban before you take us seriously and know this we are not joking about this Biafran freedom. Tell us, what do you want us to do, one Nigeria is not on the table because Nigeria is dead

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