Friday, August 13, 2021

 The Death Penalty Would Be Abolished In Biafra

I talked about how all DSS facilities in Biafra land would be turned into museums, so our kids can read and learn about the wickedness of man, we are treated like animals in so-called Nigeria, they detain you without taking you to court and that is impunity, in fact, I have also talked about my dreams for Biafra, every man must know his right and at every police-station, the Biafran government would have law offices at every station, and they would defend the people for free and nobody's right would be violated

We must model our country according to EU standards I know what you think we are still Africans we won't copy their treacherous characters, we would stand for humanity and not for oil.

We would build correctional facilities too and if you kill someone you would be placed in solitary confinement for life, in fact, an underground one and you would never see the sun, but your rights would still be respected. You would get books to read. we would build a crime-free society

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