Sunday, August 8, 2021

 They Say Kanu's Biafra Would Be Like North Korea

First of all, shut up there, Kanu does not have a Biafra and I always tell you fools, Biafra is bigger than Kanu and even ojukwu, Kanu, Uwazurike and ojukwu are servants of Biafra and I laugh when people say Kanu's Biafra, look I have told you fools if I see any or even smell dictatorship in Biafra I would steal an armoured tank and take out the presidential Palace, we must not be like Nigeria

You, people, don't know Igbos, we are supporting Kanu how but if Kanu mess up we would throw him off a building, do you see how Igbos are treating Uwazurike now? It should show you that we don't  take nonsense, nobody can become Kim Jon un in Biafra try it and let's see

So your distracting won't stop us from supporting Nnamdi Kanu because I don't see anyone else fighting for Biafra

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