Friday, August 13, 2021

 This Is Why Many Igbos Don't Support Biafra

Look we must start speaking out against this stuff and warn those government touts we don't want a Biafra like Nigeria we need to purge the Nigerian curse away from our head and the first place that would be cleaned in Biafra is Onitsha.

People would pay the taxes and the government would then create social programs to help the people, meanwhile, we need to chase these people away if they don't change and I expect ipob to take the lead on this one, these people can't be extorting out people and this is corruption, where is the money going? Who is taking this money? who are those people working for? ask questions

We need to start calling out people that are criminals now, I won't be a hypocrite, I would call everyone out even if you are from my village, speak out now we must not have another zoo in Biafra land, just look at the screenshot

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