Monday, August 9, 2021

Tinubu Surgery: Lagos The So-Called Mega-City With No Mega-Hospital

I was reading about Tinubu a former governor of Lagos state and the present owner of Lagos state the so-called megacity, come off it, Tinubu owns Lagos for now and the present governor of Lagos state is his puppet

The news says Tinubu undergoes a second surgery and note this is not in his megacity Lagos, but in France and the UK and I ask are black people cursed? Why do we get this kind of leaders? And the worse part is  that you still see people supporting this man, well if people can support Buhari after destroying Nigeria then I am not surprised about Tinubu

Tueh! Shame on all of you from Tinubu to the ones in my region the southeast, shame on all of you fools that can't even invest in a world-class hospital

Look at the dullard always running to the UK for treatment, how hard can it be to set up a world-class hospital in Nigeria?

You saw the corrupt baboon orji uzor kalu he had his surgery in Germany and he was governor of his state, why didn't he build a world-class hospital in Abia? All they know how to do is loot, they have nothing inside their brains

Shame on Lagos state a mega city without a mega-hospital, shame shame shame.. Shameeeeee

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