Monday, August 9, 2021

 Twitter Efulefu Mocked For Threatening To Block Someone With A Different Opinion

This little one Nigeria boy I don't even know if he is Igbo, the anuman blocked me because I have a different opinion and this is why I hate Twitter and I prefer nairaland, at least for nairaland na mods day do anyhow, but on Twitter, you can't even talk and the fool would block you, they are hypocrites, if na buhari block them now we go day scream dictatorship, People with followers on Twitter always feel that they can talk anyhow and you can't respond to their stupidity, but they forget that jack can suspend them, this is why I love forums, all men are equal. and the worse part is that the bloody hypocrite actually insulted someone but when they dished it back to him, he started crying like a Chihuahua

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