Thursday, August 12, 2021

 We Would Have Fulani And Hausa Biafran citizens

The problem with this Biafran agitation is that many people think oh once we are free we would chase everyone from Biafra land, hell freaking no and someone like me won't stand for that nonsense, everyone would be welcomed in Biafra and even Hausa and Fulanis born in Biafra land would-be citizens because many of them have lived in Biafra land for over 30yrs so it would be cruel to deny them citizenship and everyone must obey our laws and you would be fine

So, people, the Biafran freedom does not mean ethnic cleansing, all tribes would still be in Biafra land and business would continue, but this time we would deal with each other others as equal and as countries and not a slave and master relationship and in Biafra, all men would be equal.

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