Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 Who Sponsored Adaka Boro's 12days insurrection Against Aguiyi Ironsi?

According to adaka boros brother David, he said it that adaka boro was working for the North, so there you have the answer, boro was not a military man, the North supplied him with weapons, and remember boro said tafawa balewa was the protector of the Ijaws. boro had no money to fight a seating government and it is obvious the Fulanis sponsored him

After the first coup boro was angry and Fulanis supported him to start an insurrection and the screenshot below collaborates what historians said , that boro never wanted any Niger delta Republic he just wanted to make some noise and distract ironsi, look at the screenshot it says Nigerian nationalist, how would a Nigeria nationalist want a Niger Delta Republic? If he wanted a Niger delta Republic why did he fight for the Fulanis to keep Nigeria one?

The more I keep digging I keep on trying to connect the dots, did Fulanis use adaka boro to distract ironsi so they could plan a coup, read my next article,

Was the Niger delta really marginalized like boro alleged? If yes why did he not negotiate first instead of joining the Fulanis and if the Fulanis loved him so much why did they kill him? Remember he was made a major by Gowon, just like that because they needed him to navigate the creeks

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