Monday, August 9, 2021

 Why Ipob Must Compensate The Woman That Her Food Was Destroyed

I saw this video where this woman's food was destroyed and someone needs to confirm the video

Look I will make this simple and short the DOS must make sure they have disciplined MEN enforcing the lockdown, don't throw peoples goods away, and don't burn down anything, we must not behave like the zoo and we must not give our enemies more bullets

We must allow the people to be scared of us,ipob should investigate the video below and compensate the woman Asap, no stories, we are fighting for the people and not against the people, I know we are angry but please this should not repeat its self again, do not destroy people's properties again. We must not be the Nigerian monster that we are running away from, You fools should stop giving the zoo points, Fine if the property belongs to the zoo take it down

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