Saturday, August 14, 2021

 Why Nnamdi Kanu Must Be Stripped Of  His Powers With His Blessings

Before you call me sabo listen carefully and only smart people can relate to my write-ups

The first question is, did Mandela give ANC orders from prison? 

Remember Kanu is in a DSS facility and DSS is an intelligence organization and they would have his room bugged and they would be listening to the conversation between Kanu and his lawyer. Ok

The main reason why Kanu's powers should be stripped with his blessings is so that the Fulanis would realize that they can't use Kanu to control the struggle like they are doing now 

They might deny Kanu water and tell him to do this and do that, but if they know kanu no longer have the powers they won't do anything and we would win

Kanu must anoint a deputy and hand over power unless kanuta would mess everything up because they are putting family first 

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