Sunday, August 8, 2021

 Yoruba Nation: We Want To See A Yoruba Version Of ESN

Na elders talk say if you use one hand beat pikin use another one draw am back, which simply means the carrot and the stick, you can't allow the Fulanis to kill more people in Yoruba land, they are watching and waiting for the outcome of the brave warrior's case Sunday Igboho before they can continue their madness, I know them I have studied them, didn't you see what happened In Enugu now that they have kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu

The world can't wait to see the unveiling of a Yoruba version of ESN, amotekun can't really get the job done, did you see who they made their ambassador, Gani Adams, the man is a politician, freedom fighters should not be politicians or even think like them, politicians don't want Nigeria to break, this is their bread and butter as long as the rest keep on suffering

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