Saturday, September 4, 2021

  • September 04, 2021
  • Chris Obiagu

 Dilemma: Stuck Between A Dead Nigeria And Corrupt Freedom Fighters

First of all, Nigeria is dead and it is only a fool that would think Nigeria can be saved, the country is gone and I don't see any hope for Nigeria and balkanization is the only option. so when I wanted to join the struggle I said to myself I have a mission and that mission is to make sure we never become like Nigeria or south Sudan, my loyalty would be to country{biafra}, turning into south Sudan was my only fear, I came into this struggle with principles, I am not in it to make money, it is harder to write, it is easier to make live videos

The reason I joined this struggle late is that I was scared of us turning into South Sudan because I know how men are hungry and greedy for power and I was right just look at what is happening today.

Before I started I did a lot of research, I studied all groups from Massob to Biafra Nations to Biafra Nations League and to Ipob and I know freedom fighting in Africa can never be gotten without fighting for it and this is why I started following Ipob and BNL, I listened to Kanu talk and I loved it, I have written articles praising him and also knocking him as I said my loyalty is to Biafra, for those that follow my write-ups you know how much I argue and defend ipob and Nnamdi Kanu, I did not join any group after I discovered that they are mostly fighting about money and I said to myself, Nah, I won't take sides but I will watch them, I decided to call myself the Biafran middle man, I don't agree with uwazurike style, they are killing your people and you are shouting non violence, are you slow? Do you want to be like Benue before you wake up? I also lost respect for  him when he said he kidnapped  Kanu,he didn't have the right to do that, you shout non-violence but you kidnapped Kanu?, you are a bloody hypocrite uwazurike and you must apologise to Kanu and Kanu would also apologize to you and truth be told you are still needed in this struggle

After Kanu was kidnapped a lot was exposed about Ipob if you follow the news you would know, I saw nepotism, backstabbing, and corruption and I spoke up about it and I was insulted and abused by the same Ipob members that I have been defending, lol I won't bend my principles for doubt ipob members tore kanuta, Kanu's brother to shreads, but i saw some defending kanuta 

Let me break it down

Nepotism: Nnamdi Kanu's brother called Kanuta knew Nnamdi kanu was arrested in Kenya and kept it to himself and he used Kanu's Twitter account to manipulate people, he bypassed the Directorate Of State(DOS) and the spokesman of Ipob to announce The cancellation of the sit at home, who does that? There was a back and forth about Bank accounts but he was eventually defeated on the account issue, with all these crimes I listed about kanuta he was not sanctioned or suspended from Ipob,in fact he was even boasting, I call it nepotism or which other name should we call it?

Back Stabbing:You all know Simon Ekpa, infact kanu was right when he told Simon to continue, because he has the fans, charisma and the people love him,i used to see him as a clown before now,he laughs alot but when i listened to him i loved it, truth is it was a strategic move by kanu, but the members of the DOS are scared that Simon would take over ipob, so what did they do, they made him look dirty, the head of the DOS chika Edoziem said on radio that Simon said radio biafra should be transferred to him and yes I agree with ipob that if you want to broadcast you must follow the rules and regulations and sign, but in this situation an exception should have been made, Simon did all his best to cover for ipob, he even said the ipob crisis is a strategy to gain world attention and I knew it was a lie, point is the man did his best to cover for ipob, they destroyed his name,this is a power struggle and remember when I told about you about the greed of men?, infact go online and see ipob insults against this man and as if that was not enough, ipob Finland released a statement saying Simon is not a member of ipob, crazy right the same man that has been fighting for ipob and Biafra, must we all be in ipob to fight for Biafra?

Corruption: This is the one that broke me the most and when I talk they say how much did you donate for Esn, I did donate for Esn even if it was small, this is why it is called a donation if 5000 people donate $40, do you know how much that would be and some donate more and some donate less, even if 5000 donate $10 that would be something as well if you like donate 1billion all man would still be equal in Biafra, the idea of a donation is to make everybody participate, I had an argument with a member of Ipob and I told him why Esn need to be fully kitted and what he said shocked me, he said they should fight without a bulletproof vest, really. Guess what this guy is living in India, I told him why can't you send your family to come and fight without kits, he said there is no money and I told him that is a lie and with $20,000 you can buy 100-150 vests, I called him wicked for asking people to fight without bulletproof vest and he started insulting me and when I defeated him with facts the fool blocked me. lol

If you follow the news you would see how they are looting ESN funds, Prince Darlington has been crying, and guess what he is a member of Ipob, his tears was too much that they had to suspend him, they have reinstated him but he won't be able to talk like before, they shut him up, they buried corruption

Are these not the same Ipob blasting Nigeria about corruption? They can't even manage corruption in their own group

Massob. We all know massob have been accused of corruption and also taking money from corrupt Igbo politicians

BNL, I am still doing more research but as far as I can see I have not seen anything about corruption and this group actually have a democratic structure and they once hijacked a ship because of nnamdi Kanu in 2016,

So now you understand my dilemma, Nigeria is not an option because Nigeria is dead, I have no option but to watch all of them, I won't be joining any group,i pray they find their way back because biafra is bigger than all of us

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