Sunday, September 19, 2021

  • September 19, 2021
  • Chris Obiagu

 Nnamdi Kanu Made A Mistake Just Like Nzeogwu

The first thing that I would say is that if you want to do  something make sure you get it right or you could lose your own life, so when you know what is at stake you would always get it right.

What was Kanu thinking? that you just form a group with arms and Buhari won't come after you? 

I have asked why ipob didn't have a doomsday plan? 

Kanu should have created an army and not a vigilante group 

We knew this day would come when he created ESN

Why didnt they plan for it? 

The money is there

So give what happened? 

Nzeogwu made the same mistake and I don't support him killing those men he should have jailed them, but well remember  they got their training from the British who themselves are killers and genocidal maniacs

Just look at the Guinean coup it was perfect and nobody died

You don't pause freedom fighting even for one day unless there is a cease-fire or a truce, every life of a freedom fighter should matter and yes there are some loss that would be more painful to us but we must all matter in this struggle, no man should be forgotten and no man should be placed above others

Mandelas letter was smuggled out of prison and in that letter he told ANC to keep on fighting

Kanu knew the price of freedom fighting so we should not pause because kanu is in detention, ANC didn't stop 

When hezbollah killed Israeli soldiers and tried to abduct some the Israelis finished Lebanon and the leader of hezbollah regretted his action he said if he knew Israel would totally destroy Lebanon they would not have attacked first so if you are not ready for something don't even try it because there would always be consequences 

The point is if you want to do something do it right and if you can't dont even start it

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