As an Igbo man born and raised in Lagos I used to have high hopes for one Nigeria and i did not grow up been told  About the story of The Genocidal Biafran War, my parents never talked about it, but corruption, neglect for South Eastern Nigeria, nepotism and marginalization made me realize that we are not one in the so-called one Nigeria and then the Biafran boy's issue happened when the so-called judge Danladi Umar beat up a security man and called them Biafran Boys, those words from the so-called judge hit a nerve in My Body, And i realized that no matter what we do as Igbos in This forced marriage This geographical expression called Nigeria we would still be called Biafran boys and that was how my journey started, I am not a writer but writing is the only way that I can freely express my opinion and support my people.

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